References and Testimonials

The following are samplings of some of our much appreciated notes and letters we have recieved upon completion of an assignment.

"I wanted to send heartfelt thanks from Colorado. I am so thankful that you were able to sell our two paintings. I appreciated your frequent contact with me as to the prospects and the final sales as well as the wire transfers"

Sincerely, Nancy Burke

"We would like to thank you for your work and your very attentive, detailed and interesting appraisal report."

Sincerely, Sarah Maxim

"What a pleasure it is for me to have developed a relationship with you. Many times, human nature dictates people to vocalize their displeasure with services provided by companies. However, it is very rare that people document the good fortune of receiving exceptional service. It is the latter that has prompted me to write to you and share my positive experience with you.

Allow me to highlite a few:

1. During a time of tragedy, the discretion, couth and professionalism was second to none.

2. Your willingness to travel several thousand miles on several occasions to complete the job was commendable.

3. Remarkably, the appraised value of the estate was within a few hundred dollars of the auction sales.

4. The quality of  your marketing materials, the placement of ads to draw customers proved beneficial in the auction results.

5. I applaud your ability to work with various personalities in the pursuit of a desired outcome.

Most importantly, the friendship and compassion you have shown to my family in representing the estate was most appreciated and sincere."

Thank you, John Meroski

"My family and I had the pleasure of working with Paul Russ and his associates last summer when he meticulously planned and executed the auction of properties belonging to my father's estate. Among these were a great many pieces of artwork, including a dozen by the renowned artist Guy Wiggins.

We had in fact been referred to a number of auctioneers in Manhattan, but found Mr. Russ so easy to work with while still being very professional in his manner, that we chose him and his group. It was clearly the right decision. It was evident early in his personal attention to every single item in the collection, his clear expertise with a great many pieces and his willingness to seek outside expert opinion when needed.

Probably though, it was the very extensive, very creative advertising campaign that most impressed us. Mr. Russ succeeded in attracting a goup of high-end bidders that far exceeded our expectations both in number and quality. The auction itself was conducted with the highest degree of professionalism and was quite elegantly executed. The family was very pleased with the results."

Sincerely, Marc Cummings

"I have been in the practice of law for 51 years. During the course of that time much of my practice was concerned with the probate and administration of estates and trusts and the management of real and personal property.

In the course of dealing with appraisers, brokers, agents and auctioneers I have come in contact with many differest individuals and organizations engaged in such activities. Never have I been more satisfied with the competence, diligence, honesty and attention to detail afforded me by Paul G. Russ and Bonnie M. Russ, owners and operators of Russ Antiques & Auctions, LLC, whom I recommend with no reservation."

Respectfully, Belton Copp

"I had the pleasure and benefit of the professional services of Paul and Bonnie Russ during this past year. It was a difficult year for me and my family, made much easier by the expert abilities and sensitivities of Paul and Bonnie. Estate appraisals, to be successful require not only expert knowledge and research but understanding and willingness to work within the framework of a grieving family. Paul and Bonnie Russ demonstrated not only expert knowledge and professional abilities but were sensitive to our needs and privacy."

Sincerely, Phillip Rodgers

"While we met just a matter of months ago, I had no idea that we would be working with such skilled, motivated and knowledgeable people. The two of  you, with the help of your team, cheerfully performed the arduous task of inventorying and appraising hundreds of items, from silver, furniture, and every imaginable piece of household goods. Your acuracy, follow-up, and research proved to be on the money. Without this detail, the family could have never agreed on pre auction distribution.

Little did I realize that your work was just beginning, your aggressive, yet tasteful, print, direct mail, and internet promotion was well received because the turnout was standing room only. The presentation of each item, and early viewing were much more than expected. Little did I know that at each event there were special interested parties to whom you were promoting exceptional items. I give Russ Antiques & Auctions LLC credit for maximizing values across the board. I was not expecting a global auction from this nice, low-key couple. I give the Russes a lot of credit for the hustle, to find, and motivate the right buyers. It has meant hundreds of thousands of dollars to the family."

Best Regards, Richmond Hosley

In addition to the above referenced letters, potential clients can contact us for a listing of attorneys who are familiar with our work.