Auction Placement

In addition to conducting our own auctions we are also auction brokers, aiding our clients in locating the most appropriate markets for their inventory. We have professional relationships with many auction firms. We can strategically place inventory at favorable commission rates in specialized sales. Our perspective on the international market and our participation on all levels and from both sides of the podium give us clear insight to the world of auctions. We can guide our clients through an unfamiliar set of auction practices and terminology.

Private Brokerage

In certain situations, where a client needs to expedite a sale or where we are confident of a financially superior outcome, private brokerage is an option we have successfully employed. Understanding the sometimes unique characteristics of an object or situation, a private sale offers annoymity and expediency. We have the ability to discreetly solicit collectors of specialized items, who sometimes avoid auctions because they do not want their purchases publicized and are therefore willing to pay a premium.

Fees for Sales Services

Marketing of inventory is done on a percentage commission basis. Fees vary depending on the value and complexity of the assignment. A competitive quote will be given after analyzing the scope of work.