Collection Management and Consulting

Acquisition, Buyer Agent and Curatorial Services

Personal property collections, art, furnishing and design objects, all reflect who we are as a society and provide comfort and inspiration in our personal environments. Objects can enrich us in many ways, from the sentimental aspect of a connection to our heritage to the awsthetic joy of being surrounded by quality and beauty. While there are innumberable methods of acquiring objects to enhance your decor, few professionals can assist you more than the services of an appraiser. Whether building a specialized collection, furnishing a home or just buying one special item, we can offer valuable guidance. We have insight of the market to assess quality, authenticity and value and to know how and where to source material to maximize your budget.

Personal property is an asset, an investment like any other, and it should be managed professionally. While no one can predict the future investment capability of an object, it is reasonable to acquire items that are likely to maintain or increase in value. This requires specialized skills to recognize the accurate current value for an item. The success we have in marketing has given us the ability to locate both the best markets to sell as well as to buy. We can be your personal shopper and assist your other design professionals in the acquisition of objects that are investment grade, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Full interior furnishing selection, placement and design projects are also undertaken. We provide a classic, timeless decor that is current, not trendy, while striving to identify and develop a homeowner's personal style, not dictate our own.

For clients who are inheriting objects and have no cost basis, we offer advisory services on quality and authenticity, factors which become important in the event of future liquidation. By providing curatorial skills to a collection, we help our clients refine their holdings.

Conservation Recommendations

Frequently we encounter objects that are in need of conservation. We have developed a network of professionals whom we feel comfortable recommending to provide various types of work.

Moving, Storage and Installation Management

Art installation, moving, storage and conservation issues are also services which we coordinate and oversee. Our knowledge of varied art forms and hands-on experience allows us the insight to their proper handling. Often, clients have concerns about the staff that will be working with their possessions; our supervision can provide peace of mind since our clients will know that someone is looking out for them.

Downsizing Assistance

Downsizing seniors are a niche market we serve. Seniors who are leaving a large home often look around and feel overwhelmed by a lifetime of possessions and accumulations and do not know where to start. Counseling and organizing skills are necessary to facilitate a smooth transition. After assessing their needs, we develop a plan with the owner and their family as to what is practical and meaningful to keep, what is marketable and what should be donated. We have been asked repeatedly to provide seminars on the topic at several Assisted Living Facilities for residents who are relocating.